CammyPlus 1.9

CammyPlus - The Digital Camera ToolCammyPlus was designed to...

CammyPlus - The Digital Camera ToolCammyPlus was designed to ease the recurring tasks of downloading photos from your camera, renaming them to something more meaningful thanCIMG1848.

JPG and further processing like rotating and deleting some of the photos, improving the color, cropping for photo prints, and creating a web gallery to be put on your web site.

Full screen approach: Most photo applications use stamp sized thumbnails and squeeze the photos in Windows frames. CammyPlus uses larger, custom sized thumbnails, and they are displayed full screen with a black background.

In full screen view a single photo covers the whole screen, so that you get the best resolution possible when editing your photos. All editing functions can be accessed by a small context menu, which can be hidden at any time, so that you can concentrate on the photos.

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